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fuckin’ classy


fuckin’ classy

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The game never ends. x

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Spain’s Official World Cup Photo .

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ESPN World Cup Posters.

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Raul during the first half | 24.5.2014

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The journey to La Décima.

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Madridista crying in the stands at the end of the CL final | 24-05-14

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Plane ride back from Lisboa | 24-05-14 
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"It’s an incredible joy after such a long time, a lot of emotions run through your head. It’s a great privilege to make millions of people happy. Not only the people who came here to Lisbon, but also the people watching it on television and in all countries. I think the effort we put in, we deserve to be kings of Europe. Ten times European champion, I think that’s something incredible. After being close for three years but just shy of playing in a final, justice is here now. We’ve suffered and showed courage, devotion, strength, and we didn’t give up. I think it’s been a tremendous final and season, delightful even though we suffered, but Madrid deserve it. 

- Iker Casillas, in an interview with UEFA after winning La Decima 

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